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State Felony Charges


Burglary, Aggravated Assault and Felony

Defense Attorney

Anyone charged with a felony crime should retain a highly qualified criminal defense attorney who is committed to the protection of his or her client’s rights. If your liberty and rights are at stake due to a felony criminal charge in Mississippi, you can find the experienced legal representation you require at Joe M. Hollomon & Associates.

We handle all felony criminal charges, including homicide, kidnapping, aggravated assault, vehicular homicide, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, drug distribution and trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter and other felony offenses. We work diligently to provide a proactive and aggressive defense on behalf of each client we serve.

    Jackson State Felony Crimes Defense Lawyer | Gulfport Burglary, Aggravated Assault and Felony Defense Attorney


      Felony Charges in State Courts Throughout Mississippi


      Attorney Joe M. Hollomon has represented clients in courts throughout Mississippi. He utilizes his knowledge of Mississippi law, the local courts and prosecutors to the benefit of his clients. As a former prosecutor, he understands what prosecutors want to hear and what they do not want to hear. He understands what a prosecutor needs to obtain a conviction, and he understands how to analyze criminal cases to discover potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.


      Experience that makes a Difference

      Most criminal cases are resolved prior to trial. However, having a skilled trial lawyer is an invaluable asset in any criminal case. Prosecutors are often more willing to make a favorable plea offer if they know a defendant is represented by an attorney who is willing to take a case to trial and is well prepared to do so. We believe strongly that our reputation for skilled trial advocacy is a decided advantage for anyone facing criminal charges.

      Former Assistant U.S. Attorney | More Than 40 years of Experience

      Legal Practice Areas

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      Federal Criminal Defense

      • All federal drug crimes
      • White collar crimes
        • mail fraud/wire fraud
        • conspiracy
        • healthcare fraud
        • money-laundering
        • bribery
      • Violent crimes
      • Sex crimes
      • Firearms offenses
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      Federal Drug Charges

      • Possession and possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing
      • Prescription drug crimes including diversion
      • Drug distribution and trafficking
      • RICO and continuing criminal enterprise
      • Defense of seizures and forfeitures under CAFRA (Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act)

      Federal Firearms Violations

      • Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a felon
      • Possession of a stolen firearm
      • Possession of an illegal firearm or destructive device
      • False statement or representation in connection with acquiring or possessing a firearm
      • Using or carrying a firearm in relation to any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime
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      State Felony Charges

      • violent crimes
      • sex crimes
      • drug distribution and trafficking
      • aggravated assault
      • robbery
      • burglary
      • other felony offenses
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      State misdemeanor charges

      • drug possession
      • DUI
      • simple assault
      • shoplifting charges
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      White Collar Crimes

      • fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud
      • embezzlement
      • bribery
      • interstate crimes
      • RICO charges
      • conspiracy charges
      • grand jury matters