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Notable Cases

United States of America v Darie Dareall Thompson – Case 3:21-cr-00002-CWR-FKB Document 126, United State District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi Northern Division  (7/2023)

Client, Sgt. Dareall Thompson was charged with 17 counts (all white collar offenses) including two conspiracy charges; two counts of 18 U.S.C 666(a)(1)(A) for two different years and 13 or so counts of destruction or alteration of records. Case took two weeks to try and jury returned in a little over one hour with 17 not guilty verdicts.

State v Curtis White 228 So.3d 893, Yazoo County Circuit Court (2/14/2017)

Trial for sexual battery and gratification of lust. Case overturned (reversed and remanded) following appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

State v Jason Houston – Case No. 17-CR-079, Leake County Circuit Court (6/2018)

Defendant was charged with murder. Hollomon defended at trial and the jury found the client not guilty of murder, but guilty of the lesser offense of manslaughter. At sentencing, the court attempted to enhance the defendant’s sentence. Hollomon objected and the enhancement was later vactted 2nd set aside by the trial court on motion of the defendant.

State v O’Kelly –  267 So. 3d 279 So.3d 893, Oktibbeha County Circuit Court (4/11/2019)

The client was charged with murder for providing a controlled substance to a friend who later died after taking the substance. Although the client was found guilty following an emotional trial, based on the record made a trial, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered the conviction finding no evidence to support conviction for depraved heart murder or culpable negligence manslaughter.

Monston v State – 318 So. 3d 1133, Hinds County Circuit Court (10/27/2020)

Client was charged with first-degree murder for the death of his wife. Following a trial in Hinds County Circuit Court, the client was found guilty. However, based on the record Hollomon made during the trial, the case was reversed and remanded for a new trial.

Legal Practice Areas

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Federal Criminal Defense

  • All federal drug crimes
  • White collar crimes
    • mail fraud/wire fraud
    • conspiracy
    • healthcare fraud
    • money-laundering
    • bribery
  • Violent crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Firearms offenses
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Federal Drug Charges

  • Possession and possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing
  • Prescription drug crimes including diversion
  • Drug distribution and trafficking
  • RICO and continuing criminal enterprise
  • Defense of seizures and forfeitures under CAFRA (Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act)

Federal Firearms Violations

  • Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a felon
  • Possession of a stolen firearm
  • Possession of an illegal firearm or destructive device
  • False statement or representation in connection with acquiring or possessing a firearm
  • Using or carrying a firearm in relation to any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime
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State Felony Charges

  • violent crimes
  • sex crimes
  • drug distribution and trafficking
  • aggravated assault
  • robbery
  • burglary
  • other felony offenses
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State misdemeanor charges

  • drug possession
  • DUI
  • simple assault
  • shoplifting charges
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White Collar Crimes

  • fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud
  • embezzlement
  • bribery
  • interstate crimes
  • RICO charges
  • conspiracy charges
  • grand jury matters