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If you have been arrested on federal drug charges, get an aggressive defense from a former U.S. Assistant Attorney. Contact Joe M. Hollomon & Associates in Jackson or Gulfport, Mississippi. We handle all federal drug charges, including:

  • Federal drug conspiracy charges
  • Federal drug trafficking charges
  • Interstate drug charges
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug possession

Whether your charge involves illegal possession or sale of cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, narcotics or another controlled substance, we can provide the strong defense you require. To schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at our firm, contact our law office in Jackson or Gulfport, Mississippi.

Complex Conspiracy and Drug Trafficking Charges

Federal drug charges are highly complex and should be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Each case at our firm is handled personally by attorney Joe M. Hollomon, a former state and federal prosecutor. He has been handling criminal law cases for more than 30 years. He has represented many clients in complex federal drug charges, including drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Get an Aggressive Defense

We believe strongly that every person accused of a crime has a right to a zealous defense. To protect your rights, we closely examine police conduct that led to your arrest. Drug charges are often based on evidence that has been obtained as a result of an unconstitutional search and seizure.

We will seek the suppression of all evidence obtained in violation of your constitutional rights and, where appropriate, seek the dismissal of charges that are not supported by probable cause. We maintain an active and aggressive motion practice and prepare diligently for the possibility of trial in each case.

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To speak with a Jackson federal drug charges attorney, contact the law office of Joe M. Hollomon & Associates. For assistance, call 601-368-8718 or contact us toll free at 888-522-7227. You may also contact us by e-mail.

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