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To plead guilty or not guilty to federal criminal charges?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Federal Crimes

If youve been handed federal criminal charges, you have two options. You can either plead guilty or not guilty. One option will result in your case moving straight to sentencing, while the other will result in your case proceeding to trial. You have to decide which is going to be the better course of action for your situation. Thankfully, this is a decision no Mississippi resident will have to make on their own.

To plead guilty

Many people facing federal charges end up pleading guilty. They do this to avoid trial and are often better off for it. By entering a guilty plea, they may achieve lighter sentencing.

To plead not guilty

There are cases where going to trial is the right course of action. It will not prove an easy course, and it may take time to get through, but it may be worth it in the end. You, along with your legal counsel, must decide if fighting the matter in court will garner you a better outcome than entering a guilty plea.

Have the right help on your side

Having the right legal counsel on your side is a must. You need someone who is willing to fight for you and will be prepared to go to trial for you — even if things do not end up progressing that far. To learn more about what it takes for Mississippi residents to tackle federal criminal charges and why who you have on your side matters, please take a moment and visit our firms website.