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A strong defense against white collar criminal charges

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Facing criminal charges of any kind is a significant threat to one’s future, but federal offenses carry the potential for even more serious consequences and penalties. White collar criminal cases may lack an element of violence, but these types of allegations should be taken seriously. It is critical to prepare a thoughtful and strong defense strategy by which a Mississippi adult can confront the charges and pursue the best possible outcome to his or her situation. 

Preparation of the right defense strategy 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to preparing an effective defense strategy for white collar criminal charges. Each case is different, and a defendant would be wise to work with an experienced defense attorney to develop the most effective way by which one can confront the prosecution’s case. An attorney is a beneficial ally at every step of the process, including: 

  • Initial government investigations 
  • Grand jury matters 
  • Trial and appeals 
  • Post-conviction  

White collar crimes include a range of money-related felony offenses, including fraud, credit card fraud, identify theft, embezzlement, government program fraud, mortgage fraud, interstate crimes and more.  

Knowledge and experience matters  

A Mississippi attorney handling a white collar criminal case must have experience in federal-level defense cases and extensive knowledge in financial laws. These two things can have a direct impact on the outcome of a case and a defendant’s future. If an individual is under investigation or already charged with a crime, it may help to start by seeking an assessment of the specific case and an explanation of the defense options available.