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USGA worker faces multiple fraud charges

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2021 | Federal Crimes

A night out or a free weekend sometimes includes a concert, play or Mississippi sporting event. Often one cannot obtain tickets for these events at the last minute, and planning also includes setting aside big money to pay for the tickets. Ticket prices to high-demand events include overhead costs, such as taxes, payroll and promoter fees. One employee of the U.S. Golf Association is facing federal fraud charges and allegations of illegally selling more affordable tickets and pocketing the profits. 

Federal agents believe the 39-year-old man conspired to steal and sell over 23,000 tickets to U.S. Open golf championships between 2013 and 2019. The total value of the tickets was over $3 million. Supposedly, the man stole the tickets and sold them to third-party brokers at a significantly lower price. Investigators believe the man made over $1 million in the scheme. 

The details strengthen the charges 

Federal investigators suspect the man delivered the tickets to the brokers in a number of different ways, including face-to-face, through Federal Express or using prepaid shipping labels for UPS. The man and the brokers apparently corresponded regularly through email. The brokers are said to have paid the man using PayPal transfers and in cash. Because of these details, the man now faces serious criminal charges at the federal level. 

The penalties for a conviction for multiple federal fraud charges, including mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy, can be quite steep. The maximum penalties for the charges include millions in fines, thousands more in restitution and special assessments. There also exists the potential for a lifelong prison sentence, technically as long as 300 years.