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Even trusted workers end up suspects in embezzlement cases

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Federal Crimes

When placed in an important position in a workplace, you may feel proud. You know that others trust you with essential responsibilities, including handling funds associated with company dealings. Of course, while holding such a position can feel empowering, it could also put you in a difficult predicament if concerns of embezzlement arise.

Even if you believe that you have always acted in an upstanding manner when carrying out your work-related duties, it does not mean that others will see you in the same way. If you work in accounting and have easy access to company funds, and suddenly substantial funds are missing, the finger could end up pointed at you.

What should you do?

When you learn that an embezzlement investigation is taking place, you would be wise to learn how to protect yourself. Even if you do not think that any evidence against you exists, you could end up a scapegoat for others, so preparation is vital. Part of that preparation could include understanding how you could come under suspicion in an embezzlement investigation. The elements involved in this white-collar crime include the following:

  • The accused had a fiduciary relationship with the company, meaning that the accused was in a position of trust and had the responsibility of handling the funds on behalf of the company.
  • The fiduciary position held by the accused must have allowed him or her to obtain the funds.
  • The accused must have taken possession of the funds for personal ownership.
  • The accused intentionally took the funds from the company for personal gain.

Some elements of embezzlement are difficult to prove, but if you work in a position of trust with access to company funds, Mississippi authorities could consider you a prime suspect in this scenario.

What does that mean for you?

Unfortunately, if you do have formal criminal charges for embezzlement brought against you, you face a serious ordeal. You will need to take steps to defend against the allegations in hopes of reaching a favorable outcome to the case. These steps are not always easy, so it is wise to give yourself any advantage that you can. One action you could take that may help you better address charges or gain more insight into this type of situation is to enlist the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.