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Credit card fraud charges go to federal court

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Federal Crimes

Suspected criminal activity that crosses state lines often grabs the attention of federal authorities. When a case involving fraud charges becomes a federal matter, those accused of wrongdoing face a very different set of rules for evidence and prosecution. They may also face the often harsher sentencing standards of the federal government.

Recently, two men from another state were arrested in Mississippi following an investigation into credit card fraud. Police and federal investigators say they learned of possible credit card skimming when a cardholder alerted authorities that someone had made fraudulent charges on his credit card. More people began to come forward as the months passed, and investigators soon tracked the source of the alleged skimming.

Authorities believe the two men attached skimming devices to gas pumps, allowing them to collect the account numbers and passwords from customer cards. They are accused of using the information from customer credit cards to make counterfeit cards, then using the counterfeit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs and purchase gift cards. Police say they executed search warrants and found counterfeit cards, keys to gas pumps, large amounts of cash and electronic equipment for skimming and making counterfeit cards.

The men are now suspected in multiple crimes throughout Mississippi and beyond. The crime of skimming often involves numerous separate charges, each carrying the potential for hefty fines and long prison sentences following a conviction. It is wise for anyone facing fraud charges or accusations of other federal offenses to seek experienced legal representation as early as possible.