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Where are people prohibited from carrying guns?

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Federal Crimes

Americans reserve the right to keep and bear arms. While state laws often vary, there are no federal rules for concealed carry firearm permits for Americans. However, gun owners are still subject to regulations regarding where they’re allowed to carry weapons. Due to these circumstances, some new gun owners may wonder what areas are and aren’t prohibited.

Places where weapon possession is banned

Even for those who have a conceal and carry permit, these are a few places where it’s illegal to have a firearm:

  • Any building affiliated with the federal government: This can include anything from federal courthouses, agency buildings and other developments designated as national government property.
  • Ranger stations in national parks: As these areas are also owned by the federal government, bringing weapons near them is strictly prohibited. However, federal rules don’t ban people from carrying guns in national parks. Those rules typically get left up to the state in which the park resides.
  • Military bases: While each base has slightly different policies, weapons usually aren’t allowed in these areas. Visitors at military bases typically have to leave their guns at the front gate.
  • Rented offices: If the federal government rents out space in an office building, people usually can’t bring guns into those spaces. If state laws allow, gun owners can carry in other parts of the building if state and local laws allow.
  • The post office: In most instances, federal regulations ban the possession of firearms in their buildings, parking lots and any other property they own.
  • Native American reservations: Rules regarding weapons possession often vary on American Indian soil. That’s because the rules for carrying on reservations are controlled by tribal law. If someone wishes to bring their firearms onto a Native American reservation, gun owners should check with the tribe officials first.

It’s crucial to know the rules

In an age where weapons have become more controversial than ever, gun owners must make sure they are abiding by federal and state laws. Otherwise, they could face harsh penalties. Those who have questions may want to reach out to an attorney.